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Artificial Lures For Tarpon

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Here are some tips to help you catch tarpon using artificial lures. We have already covered the Dr. Fish's Saltwater GT Popper and MirrOlure 77M twitchbait are all covered, as well as the X-Rap 3 inch 1/4-ounce clear jig. Each of these flies have a unique action and they all work well.

X-Rap Twitchin’ Mullet

You'll likely be using a mullet imitation if you want tarpon to be caught with artificial lures. Fishing in saltwater is a different experience than when you fish in open waters. You'll want to suspend your bait ten to fifteen feet in front of the rolling fish and work it slowly with a series of twitches. Morris recommends alternating a one-second stop with a three-second rest, then switching to a one/two count if your retrieve is erratic. This will make your bait seem like an easy meal to the Tarpon.

This red-white, bunker-colored mullet makes a great choice for deep-water fishing. This baitbuster's hollow body makes for a better hookup. The hook is designed to be placed on top of the tarpon, allowing it to flutter along with it as it swims. This bait is ideal for fishing deep water.

Dr. Dr.

Dr. The Dr. Fish's Saltwater GT Popper is 8 inches in length and made from heavy-duty plastic. This lure, also known as "D.O.A Shrimp", is a great lure for tarpon. This lure can catch large and small tarpon.

The Double Barrel Popper makes a loud sound and leaves a huge bubble trail. This lure is tied with either a natural or synthetic tail and a molded foam head. It works best when used in shallow areas for spotted fish. This lure can be cast out as a brush or retrieved as a fly. Once you have the right pattern, you will be well on your path to catching tarpon.

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Fishing for tarpon requires a medium to heavy spinning reel and a rod that is long enough to carry it. Waszczuk recommends braided line in the 40- to 50-pound range. You can select the weight of the line according to how big your tarpon is. To hook, add a fluoroleader at the terminal end of the line. Then slowly use the tip of the rod to move your bait. If you're fishing for tarpon in shallow water, try baits that resemble bunker and mullet. The colors vary depending on where you find them.

MirrOlure77M twitch bait

The MirrOlure 77M shad twitch bait is perfect for tarpon, bluefish, snook, and jack. These twitchbaits are available in many eye-catching colors and sink to several feet. This bait creates an irresistible darting sensation in the fish. There are many natural colors and patterns to choose from.

The suspending action of this twitchbait means that it stays submerged up to 36 inches. This bait should not be fished with one lure. Instead, it should be slowly brought in and used for a slow and steady retrieve. Its hot color, also known by the Tropical name in Cuba, makes it ideal for tarpon in low light or nighttime. This bait is also great for cubera snapper and jack crevalle.

Designed for trolling and casting, the MirrOlure 77M is an all-purpose twitch bait for tarpon. It is made of ABS and has a UV protective finish. It is durable enough to withstand all water conditions. The holographic reflections make this lure a standout in any situation.

X-Rap 3-inch 1/4 ounce clear jig

If you're looking to lure tarpon with a clear jig, the X-Rap jig is a great option. This bait is a favorite among Capt. Jim likes to fish inshore water with this bait. It is very effective with hooks and has a sinking action when it is stationary. This bait can be fished at the beach or next to a dock in clear water. It can also be used in brackish or shallow flats. For these situations, the gold or pilchard colours are excellent.

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TerrorEyz TerrorEyz 3/4 ounce clear bait is also available. This bait is filled with glitter specs to catch juvenile tarpon. It looks great in clear water and is made with real shrimp. But if you're not sure whether it's stuffed with shrimp, don't worry because this bait is made of soft plastic, and it's still very effective at catching tarpon.


How can I bait my hooks

Your hooks will be baited by attaching a piece if meat to its end. You can then tie the meat around one eye of your hook.

Is it necessary to wear special clothing for fishing?

Yes, you need to wear clothing that protects against the elements. When fishing, a waders outfit is worn. Waders, which are waterproof pants that cover the legs or feet, are waterproof pants. Wader suits may have boots attached. Some wader suits come with boots, while others can be worn without them.

What is the best bait to use for freshwater fishing in Canada?

Freshwater fishing requires live shrimp as the best bait. Shrimp are inexpensive, easy to catch, and taste great!

Are there any special licenses required to fish?

You cannot unless you plan on taking fish out of the state or beyond county boundaries. Many states allow anglers fish without the need for a license. Check with your local Fish & Wildlife agency to see what is required.

How far should I be from the shore when fishing?

The closer you are to the shore, the greater your chances of catching fish. This increases the likelihood of getting wet.


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How To

How to tie a fishing lure like an expert

These steps will allow you to create simple fishing lures using different materials and colors.

Step 1 - Cut two pieces of twine to a length of 3/4 inch.

Step 2: Fold one piece of twine in half.

Step 3: Twist both ends together.

Step 4: Wrap one end of the second piece with twine around another so that the knot rests within the loop.

Step 5: Pull the loop tight.

Step 6 Repeat step 4.

Step 7: Use a needle to secure the knot.

Step 8: Cut excess twine.


Artificial Lures For Tarpon