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Which wahoo fishing lures are the best?

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The best place to look if you're searching for a new wahoo-fishing lure is here. There are many styles and brands that can catch these huge fish. Blue Water Candy is one of the most popular brands, while Iland Ilander has several renowned lures. Diamond Fishing Products offers many options, including the popular wahoo wak. But which one is the best? Find out more.

Blue Water Candy

Blue Water Candy is a popular saltwater fishing lure because of its effectiveness. Made in the USA, it is designed by Capt. Jodie Gay is a commercial fisherman who designed it based upon her 23-years experience. These lures are crafted to attract wahoo to your fishing line. Blue Water Candy saltwater lures for fishing are available at TackleDirect.

Blue Water Candy rigs its Hoo Knocker high-speed trolling lure with 480-pound stainless steel cable. Mylar has one 10/0 hook set. The squid skirted version uses two 10/0 Mustad squid hooks, each rated for 900 lbs. They are durable enough to withstand several wahoo strikes yet still maintain a clean hook.

Blue Water Candy is another popular lure used for wahoo fishing. It measures 15 inches in length and weighs 6.5oz. This lure features an eye with a urethane cap. This lure comes in a variety of colors including red-eye and black-purple. The lure can also be rigged with double non-offset hooks for added weight. These lures can be used on downriggers, planers, and strip bait.

Another popular trollable wahoo lure is the Hoo Knocker. This high-speed, innovative troller was designed to catch large fish. It can be trolled with an inline trolling device or without. The smoke trail is great. They are also spooled using 60-100 monofilament. This makes them perfect for recreational wahoofishing. The lures are easy to use while high-speed trolling and you can easily stagger two or three behind the boat. Trolling at speeds between 14-18 knots is possible.

Iland Ilander

Iland Ilander is a great lure for wahoo fishing. This lure is 8-inches long and 4 ounces in weight. It comes with double inline Southern Tuna stiffrig hooks 10/0 hooks as well as an egg lead sinker insert. It can be tied to the line at speeds of 18Knots. This lure can withstand repeated strikes of the predator, unlike other wahoos.

This wahoo fishing lure was made in Hawaii and has a slant-style head and keel weighted construction. This lure comes in a variety of colors including red, purple, or orange. This lure can be trolled at six- to ten knots by the wahoo. The lure can also spray water, making it a great choice for larger waho. The Iland Ilander also produces an octave-shaped lure that's perfect for freshwater fishing.

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Another lure is the jet wahoo lure. It has a weight of 24-ounces and can also be spooled in 60-100 monofilament. A jet wahoo bait is one the easiest lures for high speed trolling. This lure is spooled in 60-100 Monofilament so a shock leader does not need to be used. These lures are ideal for recreational wahoo fishermen who can carry two lures behind their boat.

C and H Wahoo Wacker

The C andH Wahoo Whacker is an lure that can be used for catching wahoo. It is approximately 11 1/2 in long and comes in green, blue, and purple colors. Each color has its own unique look, and the different colors help you find one that matches your fishing style and preferences. C and H has also released several different sizes of this lure.

Wahoo Whacker's weight is 6 oz. It has a missile-shaped head and weighted weight. This lure has a weighted-head that creates a minimum bubble trail. This lure is ideal for trolling and can be used with either a planer or downrigger. It can be used with either a monofilament or cable-rigged hook. The Cable Rigged & Ready version is equipped with a stainless-steel 8-0 Mustad hook and a 275-lb AFW 49-strand cable. It is a versatile lure that can catch large fish.

You will need a weighted lure if you are looking for a heavier lure than the one you have. An 8-ounce egg sinker can be added to this lure. To increase your weight, slide the leader's head over the lead. After you have done this, the Ilander can be slipped over the leader. If you're fishing at high speeds, you can try using a lighter weight.

Diamond Fishing Products

Diamond Fishing Products has the perfect wahoo fishing bait for you. Their High Speed Trolling Lures feature Precision Engineered Stainless Steel Heads and High Quality Surgical Rubber Skirts for maximum speed. These lures can reach speeds of 20 knots. It is recommended to use a Diamond Shock Leader if you are trolling at faster speeds. The Zebra Candy lure boasts a torpedo head that is long and narrow with few bubbles. High speeds make it easy to spot due to its long running action.

Zebra Candy Jet's large jet holes and torpedo-shaped heads create a bubble trail that is ideal for large pelagic species. The Molokai Jit Head is another popular lure. It leaves a bubble trail that's hard to resist in large pelagic animals. The Drunken Hoo lure is very attractive, thanks to its angled head with large holes.

The wahoo prefers reef outcrops as they are more easily found and will often gravitate towards them if they spot bait. You should consider a high-speed reel that has a six-to-1 gear ratio. This will make it much easier to quickly work a particular area. High-speed reels will also protect your 60-pound fluorocarbon leaders. This method can be used to catch floating debris or dolphins to prevent them from getting caught in a net.

Diamond Fishing Products - High Speed Trolling Lotions

When you're trollng the ocean floor for wahoo, one of the best lures you can use is a Diamond Fishing Products High Speed Trolling Lure. These lures are precision engineered with Stainless Steel Heads, and high-quality surgical rubber skirts. Diamond suggests that these lures be trotted at speeds of up 20 knots. The Zebra Candy is a torpedo-shaped lure that runs very deep, minimizes bubbles, and is easy to see at high speeds.

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Blue Water Candy 51001 Jag A Hoo Lure, another high speed trolling lure, is also available. This lure is available as a blue, black, or mirage color. Unlike other lures, Blue Water Candy's saltwater tackle emphasizes quality and effectiveness. Blue Water Candy 51001 JagA-Hoo will give you an aggressive wahoo in the surrounding waters.

Fishing for wahoo requires a good trolling motor and heavy gear. Strong, durable motors with high speeds are essential. A good high speed trolling reel can be rated at up to 50W. This is an ideal speed to go wahoo fishing. You'll need to work an area quickly.

Penn VSX 16

The new Penn VSX 16 wahoo bait is designed to take the punishment of a heavy drag on braided line. Dura Drag technology is used in the VSX to ensure maximum drag control. It allows for smooth start-up, and the bait will not snag if it bites. The push-to turn drag system prevents accidental drag settings. You can adjust the resistance of the ratcheting arm to prevent accidental drag settings.

The VSX 16 is a popular wahoo fishing lure. Penn's engineering division designed the VSX 16. Its aggressive drag cameras help you find the perfect spot to set your baits. You need enough drag to hold the baits and prevent the hook from escaping from the fish's mouth. This is what makes a reel of 30 International size and one of 50.

The 16VSX's outer ring is textured, making casting simple and comfortable. The 16VSX has a high-speed gear ratio of 4.3:1 and a low-speed ratio of 1.7. Its gear train, which is fully machined, is among the strongest in its class. This lure is ideal for long fishing trips.


How can I get started with fishing?

You need to learn a few things about fishing before you can go out on the water. First, learn about the different kinds of fish in your area. It is also important to understand where fish like to hang out in order to find them. Casting is a skill that you can learn once you know where the fish are most likely to be found. This means learning how to throw a lure into the air and letting it fall back down onto the surface of the water. Practice makes perfect!

What happens if a person is caught fishing illegally

You could face penalties, jail time, or even losing your fishing license. Before you go fishing, it's important that you know the rules.

Where is the best place for fishing?

You can fish near rivers, lakes, streams and other freshwater bodies. These areas provide fish with plenty of food.

How do you bait your hooks?

Bait your hooks by tying a piece of meat onto the end of your hook. Attach the meat to the eye of the hook.

How big should my tackle box be?

A large tackle chest is required to keep all your fishing gear. The size of your tackle box depends on the amount of items you store inside.

Which time is best to fish?

The ideal time to fish is early morning or late afternoon. The fish will be active feeding during these times.

Can I fish during daylight?

Yes, you can fish anytime of the day. The only time you cannot fish is during times when there is a ban on fishing.


  • It is estimated there are at least 2 million people who go fishing in California each year. (californiayachtsales.com)
  • You likely have a fish hooked if the bobber moves erratically for over 5 seconds. (tailoredtackle.com)
  • To substantiate this theory, Knight attempted a systematic inquiry by considering the timing of 200 'record' catches, more than 90 percent were made during a new moon (when no moon is visible). (myfwc.com)
  • Coarse fishing is 100% catch and release these days. (linesonthewater.anglingtrust.net)

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Finding the Best Fishing Spot

It is important to know the type of fish that you are looking for in order to find the best spots for fishing. Decide whether you want to fish deep or shallow waters. Deep sea fishing requires a boat, which costs money. Shallow water fishing requires no boat and can be done from shore. If you are looking to catch trout, shallow water fishing is your best choice. However, if your goal is to catch barracuda you will have to venture out into deeper waters.

There are many fishing spots to choose from, depending on which type you prefer. Some places only offer one type, while others offer multiple options. For example, certain places are famous for their bass fishing, while others have a specialization in fly fishing. Other locations are famous for their shark fishing and crabbing.

The best way to figure out where to go depends on your budget, how long you plan to stay, and what you like doing. Do you enjoy camping? A place close to a lake might appeal to you. Are you more drawn to city life? Maybe you prefer to be on the beach. You might even enjoy taking part in a sport such as kayaking, canoeing, sailing, scuba diving, or surfing.

If you don't know much about fishing, you could always ask someone who knows what they're talking about. They could tell you about all kinds of things, including where to go.

You could also try searching online for "fishing spots close to me." This will give you many options. It would be great if you could narrow down your list of choices by reading reviews and ratings. This is possible on a variety of websites.

Once you've decided on a specific location, make sure to visit it before you leave. Because sometimes getting there can take you longer than you anticipated, make sure to have directions. Be sure to have all you will need. Make sure to pack your bait, tackle box and sunscreen.

Researching the weather conditions is a great idea. Look at the forecast to determine when is the best time to fish. You may need to modify your plans if the weather conditions change.

Once you've decided where to go, you can begin planning your trip. Next, decide what fish you want to catch.


Which wahoo fishing lures are the best?